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Friday, December 31, 2010

27 King St.

I know I said I was going to start with churches but I changed my mind! I really wanted to talk about what I think might be one of the most historic buildings in Charleston. The Miles Brewton House at 27 King St. has many notable achievements to its credit. Built in 1767 by wealthy merchant and slave trader Miles Brewton, the home is constructed of Georgia red brick instead of Charleston grey. You may also notice the similarity in its architecture and that of Drayton Hall Plantation. Its is considered to be one of the finest Georgian style town homes ever built in the US. Just a few years after it was built, Brewtone and his family were lost at sea and the home was inherited by his sister Rebecca Brewton Motte. It was during her ownership that Charleston fell to the British and the home became the headquarters for the occupying British Army. She hid her two daughters in the attic for the entire two year occupation. There is still graffiti inside from these soldiers! During the War Between the States, the Union Army took over Charleston in 1865 and guess what house they chose as headquarters! For the secnd time in less that a hundred years the family had more uninvited guests. Going into 2011 another important thing about the house is the fact that it has NEVER been sold. It is still in the hands of the decendants of the Brewton family 243 years after they built it.
The front ironwork is alo=so amazing with the imposing cheveaux de fris designed to keep the home secure from slave rebellions after 1822. This home is absolutely amazing and a must see on any trip to Charleston. Featured on our historic homes walk as well, see our website at www.youareherecharleston.com for details!