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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pineapple Gates House (14 Legare)

Its been a while, but time for a new post! This time we will talk about 14 Legare St. known as the Pineapple Gates House or the Simmons-Edwards House. This home is an impressive single home built around 1800 and having much in common with 18 Meeting that we did in an earlier post. Francis Simmons built the home, he was a John's Island planter and is mostly know in Charleston for being the celibate bridegroom. He supposedly married a woman out of honor, but felt he had been forced into the marriage so he dropped her off at her family's house on Tradd St. on the wedding night and they never slept in the same house. After Simmons death in 1814 the house was purchased by George Edwards whose initials appear in the wrought iron around the front door. Edwards also had the now famous "pineapples" installed atop the gate posts. They are actually Italian Pine cones! The home has recently been restored to an incredible level after years of abondonment due to legal issues with a previous owner (can't get into that story here!). The complex still contains the original kitchen and carriage house and contains 28 rooms and a rumored 15,000 square feet. One of the most famous houses in the city and also featured on the You Are Here Charleston Gates and Doors Tour!. For more info call 843-870-1343 or visit the website at www.youareherecharleston.com.